Who are we

The EduPi Project was conceived by the Group for Study and Research on Digital Inclusion - GEPID. The group conducts studies and research on the necessary theoretical and conceptual expansion of the digital inclusion term in contemporary society, conceived as a typical problem of contemporary technological societies, complex and plural, of different social and educational phenomena of cyberculture and methodologies and emerging technologies in the area. It takes the computer as one of the contemporary forms of language, investigating the significance of teachers training and pedagogical work in the context of digital inclusion and, more broadly, of educational computing.

Within its methodological assumptions, seeks to establish relations with extension projects which can, in a dynamic of practical and theoretical feedback, be in the foreground application opportunity, data collection and exploitation of scientific demands. From this, as it develops actions in the community, it makes these search field spaces from the establishment of collaboration and authorship networks as a basis for the expansion and deepening of knowledge in the specific area.

Institution: University of Passo Fundo – UPF
Unity: Institute of Exact Sciences and Geosciences
Since: 2004

Group leaders:
Prof. Dr. Adriano Canabarro Teixeira [Computer Science – teixeira@upf.br]
Prof. Dr. Marco Antônio Sandini Trentin [Computer Science – trentin@upf.br]

Address: BR 285, Bairro São José, CEP: 99052900, Passo Fundo/RS