One device, a number of possibilities!


Equipped with environments of different levels of complexity, which facilitate the learning and programming of robotic devices.


Different programming environments, along with tutorials capable of teaching and improving programming concepts of people of all ages.


Developed using the Raspberry Pi, the EduPi can be connected to any TV or monitor, making it a great low-cost solution for learning programming and robotics.

Technology and Education

The learning of Computer Programming and Educational Robotics have oportunized several benefits in the development of skills and competencies that go beyond the knowledge related to these technologies, extending to human levels of logical and abstract reasoning.

When programming, the student is led to think objectively and logically in order to solve the problems proposed, awakening their curiosity and opening avenues for innovation. In Educational Robotics, with the benefits offered by programming, students deepen their knowledge in other areas as mechanics and electronics, integrating theoretical knowledge in practical situations that are visible and interactive. In this sense, the EduPi Project aims to approximate the Computer Programming and Educational Robotics in education, intuitively, pleasant and inexpensive.